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All-On-4 in Cherry Hill, NJ

At Bernstein Dental, we offer our patients the option of getting the All-on Four dental implant restoration system for patients who want a more permanent solution than dentures but cannot afford the cost of a porcelain bridge implant system. Generally, the All-on Four implant restoration system is half the cost of a porcelain bridge and implant restoration. All-on Four implants consist of 4 titanium screws placed in either the upper or lower jaw (or both if you are doing your entire mouth). The implant works as an anchor to connect to your new dental restorations.

To be a candidate for All-on Four implants, you will need to have adequate bone mass in your jaw to ensure the implants stay put. You may need a bone graft to create enough bone mass in your jaw for the implants to be placed. There are many benefits of getting All-on Four dental implants, including the preservation of bone mass in your jaw, an increase in comfort, improved self-confidence, no need for adhesives, and an improved diet. With All-on Four implants, you won’t have to deal with the inconvenience of dentures by watching what you eat and fearing that they will fall out. Your teeth will be secured in your mouth and look completely natural giving you the ability to chew with the force of the natural teeth you once had. Upgrade your dentures to All-on Four implants restorations for a more confident smile.