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Dental Exams in Cherry Hill, NJ

Regular dental examinations are the means by which your dentist identifies potential and existing problems and is your best defense against tooth decay. Using modern technology, Dr. Bernstein can identify decay before it is visible to the naked eye. He can also find cracks, chips and dental work that has reached the end of its usefulness. All of these issues, caught soon enough, can be corrected easily.

 Even if you brush and floss regularly, you can still be vulnerable to tooth decay. Often, lifestyle choices and even genetics can play a role in your dental health. Once decay begins, it can spread very quickly to adjacent teeth, so we really cannot overestimate the importance of catching decay as quickly as possible.

During the course of your regular checkup, Dr. Bernstein will also look at your gums to determine whether you have early signs of gum disease or oral cancer. Keep in mind that you should never fear a cancer screening – finding oral cancer isn’t good, but not finding it is much worse. If discovered early on, oral cancer is another treatable condition.