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Equipoise Dentures in Cherry Hill, NJ

Equipoise means perfect balance which is a great name because Equipoise partial dentures will provide your mouth with equal distribution of chewing forces among several supporting teeth. These forces are directed vertically on each tooth so that the partial will never loosen your teeth. Normally partial dentures are not aesthetic and can stand out. Equipoise partial dentures blend in with the rest of your mouth because there are no visible metal clasps.

The procedure for Equipoise partial dentures is relatively simple. Dr. Bernstein will make slight modifications to your teeth and then take impressions of your mouth and send them to the lab. Once your partials return from the lab, Dr. Bernstein will ensure that your new teeth blend with your natural teeth and they fit perfectly. Most patients report that it is very comfortable chewing with Equipoise partial dentures. Equipoise partial dentures will keep you from feeling self-conscious about your missing teeth and will allow you to smile confidently in public.