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Laser Gum Surgery in Cherry Hill, NJ

Perhaps you have heard of laser dentistry. Today, many procedures that once required the use of sharp instruments are actually conducted using lasers. Dr. Richard Bernstein uses lasers for a variety of soft tissue procedures. As an example, periodontal issues that once required the use of manual instruments can now be dealt with using lasers. Where a dentist once had to dig into your gums to remove plaque and tartar, gum disease can now be treated with little cutting.

Laser dentistry is a great benefit for apprehensive patients who are troubled by the idea of dental instruments and it is also virtually pain-free. laser dentistryThis makes it an ideal way of treating children’s dental issues as well. Children are often very apprehensive in the dentist office, so anything that makes them more comfortable is desirable. In short, laser dentistry is becoming very common, is very effective and is available from Dr. Bernstein.