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Nitrous Oxide Sedation in Cherry Hill, NJ

If you asked a group of ten people what they feared most, you would probably get answers like “flying,” “heights,” “spiders” and so on. It is also a safe bet that at least one person out of those ten would say “the dentist.” Truthfully, Dr. Bernstein is anything but scary. However, he realizes that some people are dental-phobic. There is a way around it! If you are afraid of dental treatment, sedation dentistry could be an option.

 There are misconceptions surrounding sedation dentistry. Often, people think that it means that they will be placed under a general anesthetic while undergoing treatment – this is not true. Dr. Bernstein uses nitrous oxide for extremely apprehensive patients. You may know it by its more common name, “laughing gas.” This is actually a misnomer – you won’t be laughing, or even giggling, during treatment. You will just feel very, very relaxed. You might not even remember the treatment once you are finished. So if you are afraid to visit Dr. Bernstein, stop worrying. There is a solution that provides many benefits.