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Root Canal Therapy in Cherry Hill, NJ

Same Day Root Canals in Cherry Hill

Root canals, contrary to popular belief, are not painful. They are done under local anesthetic and free you from the pain caused from tooth infections. Dr. Richard Bernstein uses rotary endodontics for root canals. The special electrical instruments work faster and more effectively than the old manual tools so you can have your treatment done in a single visit. You will go home with your tooth fully restored. You go home with your root canal completed in one visit.

Root Canals

Root canal – the mere mention strikes fear into the hearts of even strong men and honestly, we don’t know why that should be. You have probably heard people say things like, “I’d rather have a root canal than run a marathon,” or “Visiting my in-laws is about as much fun as having root canal.”

These comments lead you to think that root canal therapy is a very nasty procedure, but nothing could be further from the truth. Root canals do not cause pain – they ease pain.

Most of the time, when a patient shows up at Dr. Richard Bernstein’s dentist office in Cherry Hill, NJ needing root canal treatment, it is because dental pain has become unbearable. The root of the tooth has become infected and the infection is what causes the pain. Root canal therapy removes the infected root, cleans it out and seals it. Then Dr. Bernstein installs a protective crown over the tooth. The pain goes away.


The Procedure

Dr. Bernstein uses rotary endodontics to conduct root canal treatment. Your tooth is made up of enamel, dentin and pulp. The pulp is what contains the blood vessels and the nerves. If the outer part of the tooth is damaged, all you need is a filling. But once the pulp becomes infected, the only way to save the tooth is a root canal. Rotary endodontics makes use of instruments that are electrically powered, as opposed to the traditional manual files.

The electric hand tool features a nickel titanium tip, which is considerably more flexible and can be inserted more deeply into the root without causing any damage or stretching. The procedure is faster and more reliable. Dr. Bernstein prefers the rotary endodontic method because it cleans out the root better and faster. There is also no loud grinding that can make patients feel uncomfortable even though they are not in pain.

If you were to ask most dental patients what they find most discomforting about treatment, they would tell you that it is not the possibility of pain – it is actually the noise and the grinding sensation. Rotary endodontics makes for a much more comfortable experience.


The Benefits

With root canal treatment and the installation of a porcelain crown following the procedure, you can have a tooth that you might think was well past its “best before” date fully restored.

Even badly damaged teeth can be restored by means of root canal treatment and with the installation of a protective crown, your smile will look just as it did before you experienced the pain and decay. There is no need to fear getting a root canal – it is done under local anesthetic and it is not at all painful.

So the next time someone tells you that they would rather suffer some other torture than have a root canal, you will know that root canal is not torture at all – it is a procedure that alleviates your pain and saves your tooth.