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This office was AMAZING! From the appointment process to the exam was so easy. Sarah was so sweet and more than helpful, Dr. Bernstein is just amazing, he was funny and explained everything! I love this office and HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. They actually made the Dental experience enjoyable. Most importantly they put the patient and their needs first they are here to help you, NOT THEIR POCKET…Everyone looking or not looking really needs to go to this office…love, love, love them, and my teeth look AMAZING!

April S.

Dr Bernstein is excellent! It’s a caring, family dental practice with state of the art equipment and the best of care. He does a great job and the staff treats you very well. The waiting area is very comfortable and they even have a book exchange where you may take a used book or leave one.

Rachel G.

Dr. Bernstein is the best. He is personable, professional, and experienced! His office staff and assistants make going to the dentist a pleasure. If you’re looking for a great family dentist give Dr. Bernstein a call!

Mary C.

Funny enough I found Dr. Bernstein through a random search to help me solve a tooth issue before a trip back in 2008. Turns out I inadvertently found the best dentist in the tri state area. Both the Doc and his wife Sarah are always welcoming and helpful and most importantly the skill of the work performed is top notch. Since 2008 he has done multiple check ups dental work and even a set of 6 veneers which look absolutely perfect and natural. You literally can’t go wrong with this office for any service they offer. The experience of Dr. Bernstein shows in everything he has done for me and the hard work and skill is much appreciated.

Something else worth noting, this is a small mom and pop business with many years of experience that is a rarity anymore. There seems to be less and less privately owned dentist offices out there as most are chain dentists owned by giant companies. What that means is you step through the door no one there knows your name and you rarely if ever have the same dentist twice. That is not the case with Sarah and Richard Bernstein. I like Dr. Bernstein and Sarah so much that when we moved to Cody Wyoming then again to Macon Georgia I still came back to him for all my dental work over the last 4 years true story lol.

Hans A.

After 11 years, I came back from Taiwan especially to visit Dr. Bernstein. Been seeing him since I was 15 years old. Saw other dentists during my travels but none had Dr. Bernstein’s expertise. A true professional and the best in his field. Highly recommended!!


Great for kids

Rob S.

Recently went to Dr. Bernstein to get some work done. I travelled from out of state to specifically see him. He has a very modern and clean office. You can even watch tv while he does his work which makes the visit more enjoyable and less stressful. He also has a great staff that makes you feel at home and very comfortable. Highly recommend!

Andrew W.

Best dentist of all time. You can watch whatever you want on TV while he works and when he’s finished working on you without you ever even noticing you’ll want to stay to finish your show. If you’re lucky he’ll let you keep watching until your show is finished. You need to have good insurance for this perk.

Allen G.

Not often you can say ‘I had a very good experience at the dentist office’ I had two new crowns recently done all in one visit. Im very pleased with the…

Todd B.

Dr Bernstein and his staff were very friendly, knowledgeable, they made me fell very comfortable and they were true professionals. The office is beautiful, high tech and their fees were very reasonable. My whole family goes to Dr. Bernstein and I highly recommend him.

Dr. Bernstein and his staff are great! They are very accommodating and easily assessable. They handle everything from routine care to emergencies. They are great at putting me at ease especially since I am a very nervous patient. They provide 6-star care.

He was able to bring me in (new patient) immediately upon receiving my call for an emergency toothache. Without hesitation he accepted me with open arms. His assistant Mary is by far the most friendly, compassionate, and professional person I have ever met in a dentist’s office. My regular dentist was on vacation during the holidays and has no emergency line to call.

Dr. Bernstein deserves my business for allowing me to come in two days in a row to cure what ailed me. His schedule was booked up during that time too, but he moved people around for me because of the severe pain i was in. Who does that?? The answer–Dr. Bernstein. Sara, the wonderful manager in the front was polite, honest, and accommodating.

I highly recommend Dr. Bernstein for any dental work you seek. Thank you to everyone at that office for helping me during the most difficult time. Severe pain is nothing to mess with, Dr. Bernstein’s team understands this and as a result did everything they could to fix me.


I have been seeing Dr. Bernstein for the last 18 years, since I was 5 years oldSometimes the grass is greener on the other side!!!! I was going to another dentist for the last 15 years (very nice man but I need a good dentist) & I have been having problems with pain for the last 2 years in which nothing was coming up on the X-rays he was taking. Why??? Because in 15 years he never updated his equipment. Dr. Bernstein’s office has a panoramic 3D X-ray machine that revealed the source of my pain before it became an emergency . . . 3 deep cavities that were not showing up at the office I left. I have dental anxiety and I finally found a great office!!! Dr. Bernstein is an excellent dental craftsman!!! At my old dentist, he never numbed me enough and I would have to raise my hand in pain. Dr. Bernstein numbed me good and I felt nothing!!!! And his staff is so fabulous!! Sarah, the office manager, is very personable from the moment you call, like I’ve been going there my whole life! Valerie is a great assistant, very professional, kind and helped me to feel at ease with all my anxiety issues. My first visit was a teeth cleaning the week before and that young lady was also very professional and kind. The office is clean, and I love that I can watch my TV shows while in the chair. I love my new dentist office! THANK YOU everyone at Dr. Bernstein’s!!!!!!

I am very pleased and satisfied with his work!!!

If you need a dentist you now know where to go.

Michal K.

Dr Bernstein’s dental practice is a high tech family run dentistry. I first came here 9 years ago in an emergency and it has been the only dentistry I will come to. He has state of the art equipment that will make your crown the same day you visit and you leave with your fully completed crown. His wife Sara is awesome and always is a accommodating to whatever scheduling issue I have. I highly recommend this dentist. It is the only dentist I trust to do the correct job. I moved and drive an hour to come here. If I moved out of state I would still come to this dentistry.

Ryan B.

Dr. Bernstein is an amazing dentist!! I avoided cleanings and going to the dentist until I started going to Dr. Bernstein. He is gentle and let’s you know exactly what to expect. His office staff is welcoming and his equipment is state of the art. I highly recommend him!!

Elise K.

I have been seeing Dr. Bernstein for the last 18 years, since I was 5 years old!!!

I am very pleased and satisfied with his work!!!

If you need a dentist you now know where to go.

Nesanel E.

Great experience. Ive had many cavities that were filled. Ive had cosmetic dental work and also fillings and root canals done here, all with great results. Dr. Bernsteins a great dentist. I would recommend to friends.

Dennis P.

Dr. Bernstein is THE best dentist! He made a beautiful crown for a crooked tooth in the front of my mouth. Thanks to his great care I still have all my teeth., and I have an amazing smile! Thank you Dr. Bernstein. The office manager Sara is great too. Always friendly, courteous, and helpful with the insurance and financial aspects- love her!!
Sharon M.

I have been going to Dr. Bernstein for 9 years. He has done fillings, a root canal, and crowns for me with beautiful results. He is able to do the crowns immediately rather than having to wait for them to be manufactured in an outside lab. Having a TV above the dental chair to watch while the work is being done is a great bonus! I highly recommend Dr. Bernstein and his staff. They are compassionate and have always been accommodating in scheduling a convenient time for my appointments.
Marlene G.

Dr Bernstein and his staff were very friendly, knowledgeable, they made me fell very comfortable and they were true professionals. The office is beautiful, high tech and their fees were very reasonable. My whole family goes to Dr. Bernstein and I highly recommend him.

I felt so relaxed and at ease. The work was incomparable and was done with absolutely no discomfort and I had major work completed. My teeth have never looked or felt better and I have been to a few different dentists in the area but have finally found “THE ONE”. I will never leave. I even got to watch TV with headphones on which makes the appointment time fly by.

My kids and whole family also love Dr. Bernstein. I tell everyone I meet about my excellent care. Take it from me, I dreaded going to the dentist but at Dr. Bernsteins I feel relaxed and I know the care and treatment I receive will always be done to the highest standards. I used to be so scared to get dental work done but everything he and his staff does will make you feel comfortable.


Now that I live in DC, I wait till I am at home visiting my family to see my dentist. I hear stories about bad dentist experiences, and have only had good ones at this office, so why switch? It is a family owned business and they run it as such. They take their time with every patient, and take their time till the job is done right. Even my cleanings are done by Dr. Bernstein, not a hygienist.


I have been going to Dr. Bernstein for close to 20 years.
Very professional.
Always up on new technology.

Mark L.